Child in Time Forever: Now What?!


I am a very big Deep Purple fan.  After The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple is one of the old guard rock bands still touring.  There is no mistaking the latest lineup as Ian Gillan’s band.  True fans of the band know the turmoil of character conflicts from past lineups. The common theme running through the new Deep Purple album is time.  Ian Gillan is no longer that Child in Time that screamed for a youthful 70’s generation. He is closing now on his 70’s.  Now What?! is a bit slower than other Deep Purple offerings.

The best way to describe this album is what if Ian Gillan joined Emerson, Lake and Palmer  in 2013. The album has spurts of brilliance but  you will not find any classics out of this album.  It will feed the appetite of the Purple fan, but leave others hungry for a bit more meat on their bone.  As dinosaur music goes, the boys can still rock with the best of them.  I hate the cover image. Guess they had to cut back on expenses.  Deep Purple are now at the crossroads that many bands their age have to realize that maybe it is better to hang it up.

Every fireball eventually burns out.  You’re racing like a fireball dancing like a ghost.  Deep Purple is now a ghost of their former selves.