Highest-Paid Public Employees

highest paid employees

Now listen up kids if you are looking for a high paying job in the future, look no further than this map.  That jock that will fit you into a locker might one day be the highest-paid public employee.  Do not worry it’s not only the football coach that gets paid the most, the basketball coach made the list too.  Now you can see why these coaches play a significant role in school profits and their lack of respect for athletes and the void of morals by some.  Vermont is the lone state where the hockey coach gets the highest salary.

Beyond salary and additional compensation, coaches earn money from bonus incentives tied primarily to the team’s performance. This analysis ignored those bonuses and focused on guaranteed money, as it’s impossible to guess at whether a coach will hit his benchmarks. And we’re not even touching the ridiculous amounts of money coaches can get if they’re fired before their contract ends.