Quebec: Super Aqua Club


A few days upon my family’s return from Maine and New Hampshire, we felt that there was one activity which passed us by. Yes, we did experience a fabulous indoor water park at the Red Jacket Mountainview Resort in North Conway (see However, inconsistent weather in Maine forced us to forego the two outdoor water parks in that area.

Upon our return, friends told us that we actually have one of the nicest water parks in Canada only 40 minutes from West End Montreal called Super Aqua Club ( in the community of Pointe-Calumet. It is just past St. Eustache and easily accessible via Highway 640. There were many tourists the day we went as English was being spoken in many lines.

This facility has been around for more than 20 years, yet for some reason it took me until now to discover it. There are over 40 slides, a giant wave pool, lazy river, large sandy beach and large children’s areas. Parking is free and unlike most of attractions of this kind which try to get every penny out of you, they encourage you to bring your own canteens of food as long as no alcohol is included.

Picnic tables are scattered throughout this vast complex and even on the day we went, where there were easily thousands of visitors of all ages, we had no trouble finding a table to keep our towels and snack box. You can rent lockers for a nominal fee and, if you wish, there are concession stands. General Manager Réjean Julien Proulx supervises an excellent staff. He arrives at work at 6 a.m. each day and usually does not leave until 8:30 p.m. “I have been working here for 25 years,” he says. “I started when I was a student.”

I personally liked the wild river, toboggan and sonora rides. The drop-offs were a real surprise as you literally end up “dropping” into the lake. The tornado is perhaps the most daring experience, as four people drop into what can only be described as a giant toilet bowl and move back and forth with great speed. Water temperature here is very nice, so you are not particularly cold while waiting in line.

Super Aqua Club is open until August 30. You can call 450-473-1013 for more information.

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