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Buy Netflix’s Squid Game inspired Halloween costumes

Buy Netflix’s Squid Game inspired Halloween costumes

Folks you might be seeing quite a lot of Squid Games costumes out for Halloween this year. The psychologically thrilling Korean drama — which premiered on September 17 is catching the world by surprise. Amazon and Etsy are selling non-sanctioned costumes. Most of the costumes are unisex, I am sure some sicko will come out with a sexy version of the Squid Games costume. Netflix fell asleep behind the wheel with this one. Better get one before Halloween gets here, shipping could be a problem if you do not watch out from where you are getting the costume.

This Halloween offers new ways to find your next favorite horror movie

This Halloween offers new ways to find your next favorite horror movie, a movie database like IMDb but only for horror, was created by Adrian DeGus along with a team of fellow horror fans as a way to help others find new movies based on the exact types of movies they already love. Horror seekers can browse through over 8,725 movies organized into over 150 different horror sub-genres, 25 different styles, 107 different years and the streaming platforms they can be watched on. Seekers can also find new horror movies similar to movies they already know using AllHorror’s “Movies Like” system that is curated manually by horror fans who have personally seen all movies mentioned. All movies are rated, have hand-picked screengrabs, trailers, critic reviews, spoiler-free “What to Expect” write-ups and similar movie recommendations. Horror fans can also browse through hundreds of top lists curated by AllHorror staff as well as lists curated by fellow fans.

Super7 Halloween Peanuts action figures

Super7 Halloween Peanuts action figures

October is my favorite time of the year. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown has a special place in my heart. Super7 celebrates the event with four unique action figures. This is a must for all Peanuts collectors.

Cruel Intentions: Halloween Parents

Why do parent have such cruel intentions for their kids on Halloween. Here is Cruella and her Dalmatian. I did not know they had Phyllis Diller costumes for kids.  There was a time when a sheet with two holes was more than enough. Their candy loot better cover the cost of those costumes.

10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

The top 10 Google Trends’ Frightgeist national searches for this 2015 is your usual suspects at any Comic-con in North America.  Harley Quinn takes top honors this year.   1. Harley Quinn 2. Star Wars 3. Superhero 4. Pirate 5. Batman 6. Minnie Mouse 7. Witch 8. Minions 9. Joker 10. Wonder Woman

Charlie Brown Halloween

It’s that time of the year. Jim Shore brings the magic of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown to life.  When the first airing of the Halloween occurred in 1966, kids across North America felt sorry for sad sack Charlie Brown and sent candies to CBS to give to Charlie Brown. “Schulz’s ‘Great Pumpkin’ story…

Sexy Pizza Rat Halloween Costume

I think I smell a rat. Well there goes the neighborhood. If you are savvy to the latest trends, the pizza rat is now a sexy Halloween costume. These guys can put sex into anything. Who was to figure when that New York rat carted away a triangle piece of pizza he would glamorize the…

Patrick Stewart: Lobster Halloween Costume

No this is not a Red Lobster ad.  Patrick Stewart dressed as a lobster for Halloween takes the prize for me for best celebrity costume of Halloween 2013.  Did you know that lobsters can live up to one hundred years of age?  Let’s hope Patrick can live that long and supply us with his wit….

Bad Grandpa Halloween Costumes

Your grandpa had bad Halloween costumes when he was young. The envy of the streets he thought. A Beatles costume? Personally I think a Rolling Stones costume would fit my purposes back then. Yes these costumes were flame retardant!

Famous People Who Died On Halloween

Famous People Who Died On Halloween

Harry Houdini’s greatest escape never came to be. He promised to come back from the dead. Houdini died on Halloween. He was not the only famous person to die on Halloween. Most recently River Phoenix died on the same notorious day. Federico Fellini and Indira Gandhi also passed away on October 31.

Halloween is Grinch Night

Who could forget the classic, Halloween is a Grinch Night from Dr. Seuss. Well, maybe we did all forget. Hard to believe but this cartoon won an Emmy in 1977.  Go figure. The only thing the Grinch stole that year was the Emmy.  No disrespect to DePatie-Freleng who produced the animated short, Chuck Jones did…