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Crazy By The Letters – Mental Problems From A to Z

    Shades of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, Joey Chou, brings us his weird fun art about mental illness. Joey is still an art student at the Art Center College of Design and is already on his second book. There is a lot of promise here with his new book. A little morbid for some, but others will love the original subject matter. Keep your eye on Joey Chou, he has all the tools to make a force to be reckoned with.

    In children’s book format, this gift book mixes dark humour and stylish illustration using kids as the subject of both well-known and obscure mental illnesses. Each page goes through the alphabet defining each letter’s respective illness along with a funny situational statement about the kid who is suffering from the illness. An illustration is also provided. The style of the book has an antique or old movie feel to it reinforcing the darkness of the subject. The use of kids adds the human element and helps keep the book light-hearted and fun. This is Joey’s first book that he’s both written and illustrated and has plans to do others in the “Crazy” kids series.