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Kieron Williamson Prodigy Painter


    Kieron Williamson from Norfolk in England does not paint with his fingers or by numbers, he is six years old and is a child prodigy with a bent for painting amazing watercolor paintings. His perspective minimalist detail for the natural world is evident with his eye-catching paintings that no child his age would be able to produce without a lot of training and maybe be at least ten years older. Kieron took a shining to painting after a few art classes at five, he grasped the concept and matured into his own very rapidly.

    “It is unusual to see someone of that age painting with such definition and in such a stylistic way. Normally they would be splashing colour all over the place.”-Art expert Jeremy Green, owner of The Canon Gallery in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

    See Kieron Williamson’s paintings