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mr snot tissues

Mr. Snot Tissues

    For all those nose goblin pickers, there is a non embarrassing solution for that nasty itching sensation you get when your nose just bothers the hell out of you. Don’t be picky now, Mr. Snot Tissues is here to save the day.

    GPS Drawings

      By 2013 all cellphones will be GPS enabled, your every movement will be traced. Ancient societies believed the gods could see large land drawings from… Read More »GPS Drawings

      Fake Holidays

        Fake Holidays is about the artificial creation of holiday-created themed parks or areas that resemble foreign milieus that come off looking cheap. Reiner Riedler’s camera captures some truly fake scenery depicting ridiculous portraits of deceptions, cheesy at best. The holiday business is a very lucrative one and those on a shoestring budget have to find alternatives in their own homes. Reiner assembled some truly bizarre tourist traps in the world.