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Rabbits Against Magic by Jonathan Lemon

    Honing a craft takes time and dedication. The comic strip as we know it in the newspaper format is experiencing some hard times as newspaper circulation is down across major cities. The  cartoonist is finding himself in a quandary of where to find a way to support himself and his family. New and upcoming artists have to find new ways to get their work out to the masses. You practically have to me a magician. Jonathan Lemon’s RABBITS AGAINST MAGIC will be appearing on after graduating from Sherpa. He has written his process on how he creates his strip. With his feet firmly planted on the ground, his expectations of the strip are realistic and a great force that will develop some entertaining laughter in the future. Artist in action>>

    Behold, two rabbits: Eightball, an ever-upbeat offbeat optimist, and Weenus, sarcastic and small, one-eyed, bitter. The latter is possessed by an Ignatizian longing for the unobtainable Trixie — bohemian, reader of existential philosophy, master of the diatonic button accordion. And please take note of the foxes: Pif, rabbit-friend, smarter than he looks, caretaker of Jumpy the flea; and Preston, Pif’s dad, a hardcore carnivore, rabbit-hungry and dangerously dumb. There is beguiling beauty in this strange and colorful world, and also a duck named Doodles. Did we mention the MacGuffin in the briefcase? Let the show begin.