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Rabbits Against Magic by Jonathan Lemon

    Jonathan Lemon‘s comic creation, “RABBITS AGAINST MAGIC,” is a shining example of this transformative journey. After successfully graduating from the platform Sherpa, he has chosen to showcase his work on He generously shares his creative process, shedding light on the meticulous steps that go into bringing his comic strip to life. This transparency not only provides valuable insights for aspiring artists but also fosters a sense of community within the industry.

    Mastering a craft is an endeavor that demands unwavering commitment and a considerable amount of time. This truth is particularly poignant for comic strip artists, whose traditional stronghold, the newspaper format, is confronting formidable challenges due to dwindling circulation in major cities. For these talented illustrators, like Jonathan Lemon, the uncertainty of how to sustain themselves and provide for their families has become a perplexing dilemma.

    Emerging artists, with a passion for their craft, find themselves in a position where they must discover inventive and often magical means of sharing their work with a broader audience. The process of gaining recognition and support has become akin to performing wizardry in today’s digital age.

    What sets Lemon apart is his grounded perspective. He has established realistic expectations for his comic strip’s journey, recognizing that achieving widespread acclaim and a devoted fan base takes time and persistence. His unwavering determination serves as a driving force, ensuring that his work will ultimately bring joy and laughter to readers in the future. The prospect of enjoying his entertaining creations is a cause for excitement, not just for Lemon but for all those who appreciate the art of comic strips.

    Behold, two rabbits: Eightball, an ever-upbeat offbeat optimist, and Weenus, sarcastic and small, one-eyed, bitter. The latter is possessed by an Ignatizian longing for the unobtainable Trixie — bohemian, reader of existential philosophy, master of the diatonic button accordion. And please take note of the foxes: Pif, rabbit-friend, smarter than he looks, caretaker of Jumpy the flea; and Preston, Pif’s dad, a hardcore carnivore, rabbit-hungry and dangerously dumb. There is beguiling beauty in this strange and colorful world, and also a duck named Doodles. Did we mention the MacGuffin in the briefcase? Let the show begin.