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box of pin-ups

box of pin ups the british sounds on 1965 1

Box Of Pin-Ups: The British Sounds Of 1965

    The latest installment in Grapefruit’s acclaimed series of 3-CD, four-hour celebrations of a specific calendar year in British pop history. 1965 saw the beat/R&B revolution of the previous two years twisted into new, more ambitious shapes as British pop reached a shattering crescendo of sound, with feedback, fuzzboxes and (in Graham Bond’s case) the Mellotron adding to the sonic mix. The year was a dizzying melange of visceral Pretty Things/Kinks/Small Faces garage band raunch, blue-eyed club soul (courtesy of mod-favored groups like The Action), Searchers-derived jingle-jangle folk-rock and Zombies/Poets-style minor chord introspection.