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lighter side of yoga

The Lighter Side of Yoga by Mike Nevitt

    Yoga can be an intimidating thing for some. The Lighter Side of Yoga by Mike Nevitt is a whimsical look at yoga. We all want to make peace with our inner selves and the universe around us. Practitioners of yoga have to realize you have to have humility and humor for any kind of commitment to the higher plain of meditation. Modern yoga brings in many sets of unique individuals who interject yoga into their complicated lives. Mike Nevitt with his comical one-panel illustrations brings out these multi-faceted individuals who enter the world of yoga with their unique blend of expectations. Yoga should be a thing of fun, Mike is up to the task. There are giggles galore from page to page. Yoga should not be painful, the only pain you will suffer is the laughter that will make your cheeks hurt.