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Joseph Moncure March

the long takec a noir narrative by robin roberston book

The Long Take by Robin Robertson

    Better late than never. Here is a little gem that flew under my radar. I am enamored with narrative poetry. The Long Take by Robin Robertson harks to works such as Joseph Moncure March’s The Set-Up and The Wild Party. I discovered The Long Take through the library app, Libby. I plan to buy a hardcopy version of the book. Being a Film Noir enthusiast, this is a great find. Narrative poetry is a niche market, when you find a good one, you cannot put it down.

    the set up

    Joseph Moncure March’s “The Set-Up” From Korero Press

      Joseph Moncure March is best known for The Wild Party and The Set-Up. In 1999, Art Spiegelman brought back The Wild Party from obscurity with the accompaniment with Spiegelman’s unique art to the narrative poem. It is quite surprising that March’s better-known work, The Set-Up, has been out of print for over 50 years. The Set-Up was made into an award-winning movie with Robert Ryan playing the lead. Unlike the book, Ryan’s portrayal of an older white boxer down on his luck changed the dynamics of the movie. Illustrator Erik Kriek was commissioned by Korero Press to revamp the underworld boxing story.