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New Gods


The Fourth World by Jack Kirby Omnibus (New Printing)

    Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics in 1970 due to creative differences with Stan Lee to create his greatest work for DC Comics which would later be called, The Fourth World. His Fourth World books were a failure in the early 70s. The Fourth World characters lingered in the DC universe for 50 years and play significant roles in shaping continuity. From 1970 till 1973, the New Gods books desperately tried to gain a following with poor sales.

    Fourth World by John Byrne

    Fourth World Omnibus by John Byrne

      July promises to be hotter this year with the release of Fourth World Omnibus by John Byrne by DC Comics. The giant omnibus collects all the Fourth stories by fan favourite writer/artist John Byrne. True to the Jack Kirby creation, this series is sure to entertain.