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Miles out to sea jpeg

Miles Out To Sea: The Roots Of British Power Pop 1969-1975

    ‘Miles Out To Sea’ assembles the pick of these recordings, with household names and hit singles (including The First Class’s classic Beach Boys cop ‘Beach Baby’) joined by cult Power Pop names (Rockin’ Horse, Liverpool Echo, Pagliaro) obscure one-off 45s (Atlantis, Fresh Air, Big Star-soundalikes Rotten To The Core), cuts from privately-pressed or non-UK albums (Rusty, Shakane, Majority One, Ironbridge) and many unreleased-at-the-time tracks (including pre-Records band The Fabulous Ratbites From Hell and a previously- unissued demo by pre-Rusty act Sheephouse, who cut a collectible Decca single).

    seinfeld the travia game about nothing

    Funko Games’ Seinfeld Party Game

      Nothing to see here. For a show about nothing, Seinfeld lasted 9 seasons. That was a whole lot of nothing going on. Funko has created a trivia game based on the 90s hit series. The party game about nothing should be a hit with Seinfeld fans. Along with the game, Funko is also releasing a whole series of Pop figurines based on famous characters from the 9-year run.

      Flowers In My Garden Sunshine Soft Studio Pop 1966 1970

      Flowers In My Garden

        Teensville proudly presents Flowers In My Garden, the seventh installment of examining the forgotten and neglected sounds of the late 60s. Compiled to give the listener an 80-minute frown-upside-down trip, the compact disc features 30 tracks recorded between 1966-1970 that sound like hits but weren’t. Artists include Bonni Long, The Guild, Donna Marie, Norro Wilson and many more.