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31 Types of Facebook Users

    According to Raymond Cummings there are 31 types of Facebook users. Which one are you? Raymond forgot one. The list guy. 

    The Insipid Ingratiator

    The Non-Sequitur Enthusiast

    The Narcissist

    The Bashful Gourmet

    The Milquetoast Gamer

    The Archivist

    The Aspirationist

    The Bible Belter

    The Shy Retirer

    The Crusader

    The Musician

    The Loquacious Wonder

    The Reveler

    The Absentee Landlord

    The Slumlord

    The Friendster

    The Ghost

    The Bartlett’s Unfamiliar Inanities

    The Mad Dog

    The Dick

    The Borrower

    The Giver

    The Indifferent Misspeller

    The On-Location Correspondent

    The Cross-Platform Self-Promoter

    The Pro Scribe

    The Curator

    The Town Crier

    The Lothario

    The Provocateur

    The Machine-Gunning Serial Liker

    Tony M.