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364 Days of Tedium: Or What Santa Gets up to on His Days Off


    Santa must have the easiest job in the world. Works for one day a year and has 364 days off. Not shabby at all. What is a poor Santa Claus to do with himself? Dave Cornmell is the madman who chronicles this crusty drunk Santa in 364 Days of Tedium: Or What Santa Gets up to on His Days Off. Dave’s Santa goes on drinking binges and his naughty misadventures that would put him on his own bad list. You would drink too if you had his job for one day. This Santa is not for kids. If Santa existed, Dave would get one whopper of a coal.

    364 Days of TediumFor 364 days of the year Santa has bugger all to do.

    The elves do all the manual labour and these days he orders all the presents online. All he has to do is deliver them.

    So, for the rest of the time he is bored out of his tiny mind.

    Dave Cornmell?s brilliant and inspired comic strip is an irreverent and incredibly rude look at Santa?s real life featuring an hilarious cast of characters including Mrs Claus, the elves, reindeer, a variety of arctic wildlife, Santa?s bath toys and some maggots.

    Find out where Santa goes on holiday, what he does with his bin bags, what he watches on telly, how he copes when his wife goes away and whether or not the rumors are true about him and Vixen.

    Whatever your idealized image of Santa may be, the truth is that he’s just a bored fat bloke who hates his job. Get used to it.

    Tony M.