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$75,000 Tear


    While renovating his home, David Gonzalez, found a copy of Action Comic #1 behind his wall in his home in Minnesota.  An over enthused family member grabbed the comic and produced a tear that devalued the coveted comic book by $75, 000.  That is one family member that will not be coming over in the weekends.

    “The owner, a humble and hardworking contractor, named Gonzales, has spent years tearing down old walls and putting up new ones for his home-renovation clients. He’s made a habit of leaving a quarter or dollar bill behind them, thinking that sometime in the future, someone will find his treasure and wonder who put it there. But the “hidden treasure” in the walls of the first home he’d ever purchased and renovated on his own yielded the most unusual find he could have imagined. When renovation began on the house, which was built in 1938, he and his crew started finding old newspapers from the 1930s used as insulation in the walls. But he also found a comic book, which stood out to him, because it had Superman on the cover. Curious, Gonzales looked up the comic book online-and discovered it was Action Comics 1-Superman’s first appearance.”

    Tony M.