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Alexa Meade Real Life Paintings

    Alexis Meade’s Live Art
    Alexa Meade’s real life paintings are so surreal and out of this world. She paints people and puts them in painted backgrounds. You would swear that it is not a real person. You can actually be part of a painting.

    Alexis Meade’s Live ArtAlexa Meade has innovated a Trompe-L’Oeil painting technique that can perceptually compress three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional plane. Her work is a fusion of installation, painting, performance, photography, and video art.

    Rather than painting a representational picture on a flat canvas, Meade paints her representational image directly on top of her three-dimensional subjects. The subject and its representation become one and the same. Essentially, her art imitates life on top of life.


    Tony M.