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New Alice Cooper biography “Alice Cooper @ 75” by Gary Graff

    Alice Cooper @ 75" by Gary Graff book

    As a kid, I loved Alice Cooper. I had this cool paperback about Alice Cooper. What is there not to love about Alice Cooper, his music still has a special place in my mind and soul. Early on Alice and his entourage did everything to unnerve the parents of the time with great success. Every publicity his agent could find to sell records and put butts on seats created the legend of Alice Cooper. I am a big fan of the @75 series. The addition of Alice Cooper as told by Gary Graff is a bonus to me as a fan. It is about time Alice Cooper gets a book treatment like this.

    Pythons, guillotines, stage blood…Alice Cooper is widely considered the godfather of shock rock thanks to his inventive concoction of vaudeville, horror film conceits, and three-chord rock ’n’ roll. In Alice Cooper at 75, veteran rock journalist Gary Graff shows you this rock icon through the lens of 75 career accomplishments, events, and partnerships:

    Alice Cooper @ 75" by Gary Graff
    • Cooper’s childhood in Detroit and Arizona and early garage bands the Earwigs and the Spiders
    • All 28 studio albums, including those as the front person of Alice Cooper the band
    • A selection of his greatest singles, like the classic-rock standards “I’m Eighteen,” “School’s Out,” and “Welcome to My Nightmare”
    • Collaborations with artists including Slash, Dave Grohl, Johnny Depp, Wayne Kramer, and more
    • Associations with notable guitarists, including Glen Buxton, Nita Strauss, Orianthi, and others
    • Nonmusical passions like classic cars and, of course, golf
    • His relationship with his wife and entertainment accomplice Sheryl
    • Tireless charity work
    Alice Cooper @ 75" by Gary Graff

    Beginning with his 1969 debut LP Pretties for You and continuing through his latest release, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Alice Cooper is regarded as one of the most influential performers and musicians in hard rock and heavy metal, influencing countless acts both visually and musically. This book is your unprecedented retrospective of Cooper’s career from teenage garage rocker to international star and celebrity.

    Alice Cooper @ 75

    Every page is illustrated with stunning concert and candid offstage photography, as well as gig posters, vinyl record sleeves, ticket stubs, period ads, and more. Bonus material includes a sturdy slipcase, a gatefold timeline, two pullout posters, and an unpublished 8″ × 10″.

    The result is a unique and lavishly produced celebration of the iconic and beloved rock star.