Alpha Flight Classic

Alpha Flight Classic, Vol. 1 (Uncanny X-Men)

Sure there is the JSA, JLA, and the Avengers but how many other non American groups are there? Marvel Comics collects the first 8 issues. Well written and illustrated by Canadian born John Byrne, borealis extraordinaire. This is one tome having in your bookshelf.   

Guardian! Shaman! Snowbird! Aurora! Northstar! Puck! Marrina! Sasquatch! Exploding from the pages of X-Men, Alpha Flight goes solo! Canada’s premiere super human strike force, Alpha Flight was brought together by Department H for the greater good of humankind, to battle injustice and evil forces across the globe – including the Master of the World, Tundra, Kolomaq, Deadly Ernest and Delphine Courtney! Featuring cameos by the Sub-Mariner, Invisible Woman, Wolverine and Nightcrawler! Collects Alpha Flight #1-8.