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An Awesome Book of Thanks!

    Ideas are like seeds, sometimes they grow wild and spread like crazy and inspire others. LA-based artist and writer Dallas Clayton made people smile with An Awesome Book! a few years ago. Now he wants to give thanks to everybody that he made smile. His new book is simply called, An Awesome Book of Thanks!

    Dallas Clayton is the author and illustrator of the breakthrough hit An Awesome Book!. He is also the creator of the Awesome World Foundation which donates books to children in need. Dallas has toured the planet reading to kids and encouraging them to dream big. With such overwhelming energy and unprecedented success, Clayton is well on his way to earning the title that many in the blogosphere have already bandied about: “The Dr. Seuss of the internet generation.” An Awesome Book of Thanks! is the much-anticipated second title from this uniquely creative rising star.

    Tony M.