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Are you for Real: MORE/REAL Stylus Cap

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    I don’t know about stuff like this. The MORE/REAL Stylus Cap is just too good to be true. Why is there a sucker born every second? That is one expensive Sharpie. I did not see any results from using this stylus pen. Fool’s gold. Why would you pay for half a pen? Do yourself a favor and buy 3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen for a dollar each and you will get a full stylus pen. They will give you the same result and maybe a whole lot better and that is not saying much. At this rate you can whittle yourself a stylus wood pen.

    Best stylus pens in the market.

    The MORE/REAL Stylus Cap turns a Sharpie, a Bic, or a Pilot Fineliner into a touchscreen stylus that works with any capacitive touch screen. You get all the benefits of a marker that can write on paper with a stylus that gives you superior control to sketch and take notes on touchscreens such as the iPad.

    Tony M.