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Arrrgh! It’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    There is only one way to celebrate “National Talk Like a Pirate Day!” and that is to read Dan Piraro’s Bizarro Buccaneers: Nuttin’ But Pirate Cartoons.

    The Ten Piratey Pirate Words You Should Know.

    Bilge, and all variations – Bilge means foolish talk, but you can use bilge sucking to precede an insult. Ie. “ye bilge sucking wench.” But possibly the worst insult a pirate can hurl, is to call some one a bilge rat. A bilge rat was a rat that lived on the lowest level of the ship.

    Bretheren of thee – The Bretheren of the Coast were a sort of brotherhood of pirates in the 1600?s. You can use the term with any location. “Bretheren of thee mother’s basement.

    Davy Jones’ Locker – A fabled place at the bottom of the ocean that holds all the evil spirts. Instead of saying ‘go to hell,’ you can say, ‘I’ll see you in Davy Jones’ locker.’

    Heave Ho – Put some muscle into it.

    Grog – Any alcoholic drink. Traditional, Grog was rum with water.

    Smartly, Handsomely – To do something quickly.

    Batten down the hatches – Usually said before hitting rough seas. It means to tie everything on the ship down. Could be used today to tell people to put on their seat belts.

    Lad, Las, or Lassie – What you call someone younger than you.

    Me Beauty – The finest compliment you can give a woman. Actually, it’s the finest compliment you can give just about anything. That ships a beauty, ahoy my beauty, ’tis a real beauty, etc…

    Landlubber – For most of us, every day of the year except for Talk Like a Pirate Day we are landlubbers. A landlubber is someone who doesn’t have sea legs, and stays on dry land.

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    Tony M.