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The Art Of ReBoot

    The Art of ReBoot,” a remarkable collaboration between Dave Roberts and Gavin Blair, offers an unparalleled and extensive compilation of artwork from the groundbreaking animated series, ReBoot. Within its pages, you’ll find a treasure trove of original character and production drawings, courtesy of none other than the acclaimed UK comic book legend, Brendan McCarthy, celebrated for his work on titles like Judge Dredd, Shade the Changing Man, and Solo. The artistic contributions don’t end there; the book also showcases the talents of Scott Lee (known for Pitt Crew), Dean Ormstrom (famed for Lucifer), and various other gifted artists.

    The Art of ReBoot goes beyond just the visuals. It provides readers with an insider’s perspective through a forward and anecdotes penned by ReBoot’s co-creator, Gavin Blair, shedding light on the creative journey that brought this iconic series to life. To add another layer of depth to this artistic journey, the book features additional anecdotes from none other than DC executive editor, Dan Didio.

    To make this collection even more exciting, Art of ReBoot presents a special 10-page ‘ReBoot Re-Imagined’ section. Here, leading industry artists, such as Jim Su, Alex Chung, Rob Ruffolo, Craig Yeung, Lisa Lubera, Jimbing!, and Ezra’s Master Rove, contribute brand-new pin-up illustrations that breathe fresh life into the ReBoot universe, showcasing their unique interpretations of the beloved characters and setting.

    The Art of ReBoot isn’t just a visual feast for fans of the series but also an insightful exploration of the creative process and the enduring impact of this animated masterpiece. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the world of ReBoot and appreciate the artistry that brought it to life.