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Astro Boy Teaser Trailer


    There must be a cookie-cutter formula with CGI movies out there as of late. They all look alike. Astro Boy’s appearance in the 60’s was the building block of the Anime empire. The trailer is finally up and going and honestly I don’t know where it’s going. There is not that much pizazz going for it. Just like the "Roundabout" movie which employed American voices to empower sales. I don’t see much hope for Astro Boy in America. In Japan this movie will definitely make serious money on the back of nostalgia. Osamu Tezuka’s creation looks amazing as CGI and many other cartoon creations would also. The one thing that is missing is an interesting idea. These movies are always catering to the adults young at heart with grown-up humour clinging from infantile roots that don’t catch seed with both audiences. It’s only a first glimpse but skepticism is getting the best out of me right now.