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ATuMan EG1 cordless rechargeable hot melt glue gun

    Introducing ATuMan EG1: the small & safe-to-use hot melt glue gun which heats up fast keeps a constant temperature and stands up as an ideal tool for DIY, small fixes, and arts and craft making.

    If you ever used a glue gun, you know it can get aggravating with that electrical cord. Most of the time the glue gun cannot stand up. It can be frustrating if you use glue guns. The Kickstarter campaign for the cordless glue gun ATuMan EG1 is getting the attention of arts and craft enthusiasts. Can this be true? You can work on a single charge for about a max of 100-meter working range of glue. The only gripe I have about this gun is the name. I hope they can come up with something a bit more catchy.

    A cord can be a hassle, meaning you may plug and unplug frequently and it gets more annoying when there’s no plug near your project location. ATuMan EG1 glue gun is operated by the built-in lithium rechargeable battery, which allows a max 100-meter working range of glue on a single charge, and it is compatible with PD fast charge. No twisted cords. ATuMan EG1 is cordless for easy maneuverability.

    ATuMan EG1 gun heats up in just 1.5 minutes and stays at a constant temperature. It contains a smart temperature control function, which helps to prevent the gun from overheating, making it stable and highly effective. In addition, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes to save battery and avoid accidental injuries.

    Tony M.