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Baloney and Friends by Greg Pizzoli

    This book is full of baloney, literally. Greg Pizzoli’s Baloney and Friends (Peanut D. Horse, Bizz E. Bee, and Krabbit) are about to become household names. In the vein of Dav Pilkey’s The Dogman and Captain Underpants, Baloney and Friends are about to explode into pop culture. Pizzoli, a three-time Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winner has a wiener here.

    The simplicity of the book is inspirational for young readers to write and draw their own adventures of Baloney and his friends. Greg Pizzoli shows you how to draw Baloney, Peanut D. Horse, Bizz E. Bee, and Krabbit quite easily. Young readers will gobble Pizzoli’s graphic novel.

    You will fall in love with all the characters. I love the fact that each character has their own colored speech balloon in accordance with their body color. Baloney and Friends is a well thought graphic novel to be enjoyed by all.

    In this easy-to-read graphic novel series from an award-winning creator, four funny animal friends and their wacky adventures “will inspire young readers to write and draw their own stories” (Dav Pilkey).

    Meet Baloney! He’s the star of this book, along with his best buddies: empathetic Peanut the horse, sensible Bizz the bumblebee, and grumpy Krabbit—he’d rather not be here, but what can you do? In this graphic novel for newly independent readers, Baloney and friends step into the spotlight and embody all the charm of childhood in three short tales and three mini-comics that invite readers to join the fun! Giggle with Baloney as he performs some questionable magic, give him a boost when a case of the blues gets him down, cheer him on as he braves the swimming pool, and at the end, learn to draw all the characters with clear step-by-step instructions!

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    Tony M.