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Barcode design embrace new forms

The barcode, once seen as a static and unchanging symbol, is now showing its dynamic side, ready to adapt and embrace new forms. This shift in perspective heralds a wave of creativity that has the potential to transform the way we interact with barcodes and, by extension, the products they represent. As we stand on the cusp of this exciting barcode revolution, it’s clear that innovation is now bending the very foundations of this ubiquitous technology.

barcode design

This truly represents a departure from conventional thinking. Barcodes have long served as the unchanging identifier for countless products worldwide, remaining relatively static in their standardized form. However, it appears that we’re on the brink of a remarkable transformation, as the traditional barcode shape is poised to evolve into something entirely new, becoming an integral part of the code itself. It’s safe to say that the time has come for the barcode to shed its familiar exterior and venture into the realm of creative innovation.

One trailblazing example of this departure from convention can be found in the work of the Japanese company, d-barcode. They have made it their mission to push the boundaries of barcode design by introducing non-standard variations. This represents a significant departure from the norm and suggests that a revolution in barcode technology is on the horizon. See more>>