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Batman Shagging

    Batman 66′ is ubiquitous, making its presence felt across various platforms. The iconic 1966-68 TV series, celebrated for its campy charm, has finally found its way onto DVD/Blu-ray. Whether you’re willing to shell out over $200 for the complete series or opt for the more budget-friendly option of streaming it on Netflix, the choice is yours. I find immense joy in Shag’s unique portrayals of characters like Catwoman, King Tut, Joker, Penguin, Batman, Riddler, Egghead, Robin, and Mr. Freeze.

    On the other hand, my enthusiasm extends to the contemporary Gotham series, which offers a stark contrast to the nostalgic Batman 66′. The divergence between the two shows is striking, reflecting the opposing poles of my entertainment preferences. Batman 66′ embodies the innocence of my childhood, evoking cherished memories, while Gotham encapsulates the cynicism that comes with adulthood. It’s a fascinating dynamic, akin to the stark dichotomy between two worlds.

    Gotham, in my eyes, is reminiscent of a fusion between Serpico and the beloved Batman: The Animated Series. The gritty realism and complexity of Gotham’s narrative are a far cry from the lighthearted and whimsical tone of Batman 66′. The juxtaposition of these two series serves as a testament to the evolution of storytelling in the realm of Gotham’s crime-ridden streets, where morality is a gray area.