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Beatles Compilation: Tomorrow Never Knows

    Purists will complain that iTunes has put out a new digital Beatles compilation with generic album artwork. This is a fun way to get new Beatles fans with songs that have a harder edge to them. Tomorrow Never Knows looks like a great idea, you could say they are Mad Men. The tracks compiled are listed below.

    1. Revolution 
    2. Paperback Writer
    3. And Your Bird Can Sing
    4. Helter Skelter
    5. Savoy Truffle
    6. I’m Down
    7. I’ve Got A Feeling
    8. Back In the USSR
    9. You Can’t Do That
    10. It’s All Too Much
    11. She Said She Said
    12. Hey Bulldog
    13. Tomorrow Never Knows
    14. The End (anthology 3 version)