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Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman

    Neil Gaiman is the Oscar Wilde of today. Neil can weave modern day fairy tales with ease. His latest offering is Blueberry Girl. There is no subject Neil cannot turn into gold, his sentences spin like a wheel that continuously spits images of wonderment. His words are like a pebble that skips through the water echoing sounds while hitting each other entwined in rippled unison. Neil’s stanza of language is playful to hear. Blueberry Girl is an all ages inspiration for girls. Charles Vess marries his images with Neil’s prose that carry your imagination to new heights of wonder. The exploration of youth by adults is a tricky fare, many of us have lost the essence of youthful days. Neil has an uncanny ability to easily slide into any character from children to adults. Blueberry Girl is a perfect example of his inner embodiment of the universality connection with the mind of humanity. As much as he is well known, his true mettle as a writer is truly under appreciated. Is there any topic the man cannot tackle? The book is based on a poem written by Neil for Tori Amos when she was pregnant. The poem was expanded with the artistc vision of Charles Vess. See Blueberry Girl on YouTube>>

    Tony M.