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Brief Story of Soda Pop


    John Nese owner of Galcos Soda Pop Stop in LA and runs the mecca of soda pop in the world. With over 500 sodas from the world he is passionate about his niche market in the world of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The walking encyclopedia of soda pop knowledge is ready to share his insights and misconceptions about cola in general and how big business bully small business.

    Galco's Soda Pop Stop John Nese is the proprietor of Galcos Soda Pop Stop in LA. His father ran it as a grocery store, and when the time came for John to take charge, he decided to convert it into the ultimate soda-lovers destination. About 500 pops line the shelves, sourced lovingly by John from around the world. John has made it his mission to keep small soda-makers afloat and help them find their consumers. Galcos also acts as a distributor for restaurants and bars along the West Coast, spreading the gospel of soda made with cane sugar (no high-fructose corn syrup if John can avoid it).