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Call of the Wild Street Art

    urban animal street graffiti

    Street artists are a unique breed. From taggers to activists, they want to get their message across. Neozoon a group of artists from France and Germany silhouette animal pelts from various animals to convey their message. The juxtaposition of ideas are mixed depending on the perspective of the passerby.  The murals get you thinking about our relationship with the animal kingdom. This is not in your face art, but you have to stop and wonder what it is all about.

    urban art streetNeozoon’s initial project was to take discarded fur coats and cut them into animal shapes, which it pasted to city surfaces. The artwork was often site-specific. In Berlin, for example, the coats were recycled to look like bears, because of the city’s official mascot and the two bears who live in a small enclosure for public viewing in the middle of the city. The fur coat animals force the realization that the pelts were once the skins of living animals, and thus provoke consideration of the public’s celebration and simultaneous exploitation of the captive creatures. In Paris, the collective created a flock of fur-coat lambs that innocently meandered its way across city walls toward Parc de la Villette, which was the site of some of the largest slaughterhouses in 19th-century Europe.


    Tony M.