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Canadian Passport Controversy

    Martin Reisch from Quebec claims that he was able to cross the world’s longest border without a valid passport. He showed his scanned passport on his iPad and was cleared both into the States and back into Canada. Controversy has erupted with the inept border officials who supposedly let Martin Reisch illegally in both countries without proper documentation. Damage control has since ensued as U.S. customs claim the story is false.

    “As soon as I crossed over the border I took a picture and was like, ‘Holy cow, I got through,’” Reisch said. After tweeting about the incident, both during and after it happened, a reporter with the Canadian Broadcast Company reached out and he told his story on the radio yesterday morning. Since then, The Canadian Press picked it up, followed by various blogs, which twisted the story and added “sensational headlines.” Reisch plans to come to Las Vegas for CES next week, and he’ll be bringing his passport. 


    Tony M.