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Candy Crush Craze

    candy_crush craze

    If you are living under a rock perhaps you have not heard of Candy Crush.  Seems everybody is playing this sugary addictive game.  I am not too fond of it but the rest of the planet has a sweet tooth to it.  I call it candy crack.  Game app makers are rushing to mimic the successful game.  So brace yourself for a sugar rush of candy crack-related games coming down the pike.

    Candy Crush is the first game to ever be number one on iOS, Android, and Facebook simultaneously.

    Candy Crush is a cruel mistress. She keeps you coming back for more, but then just as swiftly, and seemingly out of nowhere, she puts the breaks on. Candy Crush teases you, only going so far and then putting up arbitrary timeouts and lollipop limits. As soon as you’re really into playing, you might need to wait 30 minutes to get to the next level.