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Gift Wrap My Face promotes full facial nudity for the 2021 holiday season

    An inventive pair of advertising pros who were part of the group of geniuses at the agency behind the Burger King, Dominos, Microsoft and VW campaigns, has created a customized “selfie” wrapping paper company that is loved and used by Oprah, Khloe Kardashian and boasting sales that would make Hallmark jealous. Featuring maskless face photos of people and pets, Gift Wrap My Face, #GiftWrapMyFace adds them to the body of elves, snowmen, superheroes, astronauts, iconic statues, lamas or dancing with dreidels or menorahs. Gift Wrap My Face even created two Smart Wrapping Papers: one using augmented reality to enliven a face making a snow angel, a dancing elf and a Video Paper that uses a personalized and private QR code for gift-givers to share a video message with loved ones.

    ahoy hoy

    The Short History of Hello vs Ahoy

      Alexander Graham Bell used the word “ahoy” to greet people on the telephone. You would figure that would stick since he created the telephone. However, Thomas Edison, said “hello” to address people on the phone. The stubborn Graham Bell till his death used “ahoy” while the rest of the world greeted each other with hello.

      Deadpool vs The World

      Deadpool vs The World

        Can you believe Deadpool is 30 years old? To celebrate the event USApoly and Marvel Comics have the perfect adult game for you and your friends. Deadpool vs the World is the perfect game for Deadpool fans.