Kevin Smith Attacks Troll Back

Today I applaud Kevin Smith for defending his daughter Harley Quinn, who was insulted in Instagram for posting a selfie by a troll  that goes by the name of kingpsysyphus. I being a father would do the same. This shaming of people by trolls is just too much. At what level did we fail as…

Chork: The Chopsticks/Fork

This might be the greatest utensil mash-up, the chork, the bastard child of the fork and the chopstick.

Spoiler Alert: Choose a Movie to Spoil

Are you the type that needs to know how a movie ends? Spoil Me is the perfect tool for you. Get every movie ruined for you with a few strokes on your keyboard.

Pac-Man Suit

Either you will be ridiculed or the coolest nerd. Introducing the Pac-Man suit by OppoSuits. Where do you insert the coin?

Sketches by Tayasui Update

In my opinion, the best drawing app out there for cartooning is Tayasui Sketches. It works great on the iPad and also comes in an Android version. Sketches just had a major update for the Apple Pencil. For 4.99, this robust little app will amaze wannabe cartoonists. I really love the zip-a-tone feature, you can…

Doughnut Ice Cream Cones

These doughnut ice cream cones are called Trdelníks.  I’ve died and gone to heaven. They are cones made from doughnut sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon on the outside, then filled with a touch of chocolate inside with a helping of soft ice cream. This Slovak treat is worth making a trip to Prague.

Sparky the Seal: California Golden Seals Unofficial Mascot

Did you know that Charles M. Schulz created the unofficial California Golden Seals mascot? His name was Sparky Seal. Schulz was a big hockey fan as documented in his daily comic strips. He was asked in the early seventies if he ever wanted to own a professional sports team.  He answered, “I’d be insane to…

Texting Cake Toppers

Cakes have come a long way. Trending of late is the texting cake topper. Every new couple wants to put a unique stamp of their marriage. I found this texting cake topper to be a statement of all recent relationships.

Cost of Super Bowl Ads Since 1967

The Super Bowl 30 second ad has become an expensive expenditure for companies that want to grab the attention of the world. It is no longer about the game. It is about halftime and commercials. What is the ceiling for a 30-second ad? Who knows. It has not stopped climbing since 2002. 2016—$5,000,000 2015—$4,500,000 2014—$4,000,000…

Ivan Brunetti on Drawing

Everybody has a story to tell. Some have books in them that are never written. Others have works of art that never see light. For 25 years I have a comic strip in me that has been dying to see the light. Characters in limbo hanging around to be liberated. In the next few weeks…

Star Trek Forever

Star Trek Forever stamps.  Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the television premiere, the new Star Trek Forever stamps showcase four digital illustrations inspired by classic elements of the television program: the Starship Enterprise inside the outline of a Starfleet insignia against a gold background; the silhouette of a crewman in a transporter against a red…