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The Simpsons: New Treehouse of Horror ReAction Figures

    Fans of The Simpsons’ spine-tingling “Treehouse of Horror” series – prepare to be thrilled by some devilishly exciting tidings! Super7 is unleashing a fresh wave of The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” ReAction Figures.

    hot wheel skate

    Tony Hawk’s Hot Wheels-inspired skateboard deck

      Tony Hawk and Hot Wheels Skate collide to create this scorching “Birdman” deck and matching fingerboard. Using Tony’s personal router template, the deck is cut to the exact measurements he uses on his own boards

      nerf mascot

      Meet Murph, Nerf’s first and so far only mascot

        Nerf, the company known for its blasters that fire soft, foam darts at targets, now has its very own mascot named Murph. Hasbro, Nerf’s parent company, unveiled a new mascot, which is supposed to embody the fun and active play brand.

        giant lego cake scaled

        LEGOLAND New York Resort celebrates the 90th Anniversary of LEGO

          New York Resort kicks off a summer of epic celebrations today for the 90th anniversary of the LEGO Group. Awesome surprises include the arrival of a massive 20-foot-tall LEGO cake and exciting prize giveaways four days per week over the next two months. Families will have the opportunity to get the gift of building memories, with 90 surprise gifts per week ranging from LEGO Minifigures, to food, beverage, and retail discounts, to VIP experiences, to a free, all-inclusive stay at LEGOLAND Hotel!

          jens andersen the lego story how a little toy sparked the worlds imagination

          The LEGO Story: How a Little Toy Sparked the World’s Imagination by Jens Andersen

            The LEGO Story is the definitive story behind one of the most beloved brands on the planet, shown through the deeply personal lens of one singular family. Excellently written with ease and verve, it’s also a riveting cultural history of changing generations’ views of childhood and the importance of play. Richly illustrated with never-before-seen photos from the family’s private archive, this is the ultimate book for fans of LEGO, revealing everything you ever wanted to know about the brand. 

            Peanuts Merriest House in Town Keepsake Tabletop Decoration

            The Peanuts Gang: The Merriest House in Town musical tabletop decoration

              I know we just finished Christmas not that long ago. Hallmark has you covered for Christmas in 2022 with their new crop of new ornaments. This new Peanuts Gang tabletop decoration will bling the spirit of Christmas up the wazoo. It’s a pretty penny at $134.99 but worth every penny. The Hallmark Keepsake line of Christmas ornaments is always a hit with our family. The Peanuts Gang: The Merriest House in Town musical tabletop decoration is sure to fly off the shelves this year.