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Jerry Seinfeld Teases ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion After 25 Years

    Jerry Seinfeld teased that he and co-creator Larry David were working on a special project for fans. Seinfeld’s cryptic comments have ignited a flurry of excitement and speculation about the possibility of revisiting the quirky world of Seinfeld.

    New Office Reboot May Be Underway by Greg Daniels

      The reboot of “The Office” is reportedly in the works, and it’s none other than Greg Daniels, the creative genius behind the U.S. adaptation of the series, who is at the helm of this endeavor.

      The Mrs. Roper Romp gains momentum each year globally

        The Mrs. Roper Romp, which originated in 2013 as the “Million Mrs. Roper March,” is a lively and creatively themed bar crawl event that pays homage to the iconic character Mrs. Helen Roper from the popular 1970s television series “Three’s Company.”