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Charles Addams Google Doodle

    Charles Addams the ghoulish cartoonist from The New Yorker is honored by Google for his 100th birthday. He died in 1988 and created his haunting wry cartoons since 1938. His biggest creation the Addams Family is well known throughout the world.  Gomez, Morticia, Cousin It, Lurch, Wednesday, Pugsley and Uncle Fester are proudly featured on the doodle. Google credits The Tee & Charles Addams Foundation for the doodle resulting in down time for the site due to high volume of traffic. A testament of the lure of the Addams Family is still strong for the first family of horror.

    “Ghoulish, macabre, demonic, depraved, bizarre, eerie, and weird have all been used to describe his work and the characters therein,” according to a biography from the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation. “Adorable, sweet, charming, humorous, enchanting, tender, and captivating are also adjectives used to describe the same body of work, as well as the man himself, the extraordinary artist Charles Addams. His rare gift was the ability to enjoin such dichotomies in wonderfully crafted cartoons and drawings loved by millions worldwide.”

    Tony M.