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Chromecast Offers Over 100,000 Radio Stations For Your TV

    There is so much choice out there. Now you can receive on your TV over 100,000 radio stations plus four million podcasts. There is way too many stations with so little time on this planet. Can man handle so much information at once? I am not a fan of listening to radio on my television. Seems backwards. I rather have it portable.

    In the race to win the television streaming race, Google is taking some big, bold steps with its Chromecast, including adding radio and other recordings to the lineup of what’s available.

    TuneIn will… now be available on Chromecast, which means anyone who has the device now has access to more than 100,000 radio stations, including almost any local or international option you could want. On top of that, upwards of four million podcasts are also offered, covering everything from news, sports, and yes, music.

    If you’re not familiar with Chromecast, it’s a thumb drive-sized device that plugs into any TV with an HDMI port. It then connects to laptops, smartphones, or tablets, and displays the apps right on the TV screen, turning any TV into a smart TV.

    When asked about why radio and podcasts were a good fit for Google’s move into the smart television market, TuneIn CEO John Donham said:

    “A tremendous amount of listening happens in the house. People ask the question: ‘Why is it that I’d want to listen through my TV,’ and yet we can look at a twenty year history of cable companies providing that very popular service. Now, instead of fifty or one hundred channels or music, TuneIn does it with 100,000 channels.”

    Tony M.