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Classic Homer Simpson meme inspires new Adidas sneakers

The popularity of The Simpsons has declined in recent years, despite being the inspiration for numerous internet memes. Adidas has noticed this trend and has released a new sneaker featuring a Homer Simpson meme. The show has created several unforgettable memes, and there may be a generation who primarily associates the characters with these viral images, which is somewhat embarrassing. The catchphrase “Old Man Yells at Cloud” actually comes from a legitimate TV episode, but the most famous meme is arguably the one with Homer Simpson awkwardly backing into a hedge. Now, this iconic moment has been immortalized on a pair of Adidas tennis shoes, according to DesignTaxi.

While the overall design of this shoe maintains its timeless, minimalistic appearance, it adds a touch of liveliness to the heel tab. This is achieved through embroidered artwork depicting the Simpson family’s forever puzzled father, Homer, awkwardly backing into a lush, green fleece background. While this particular moment often symbolizes embarrassment or shame in the realm of social media, wearing this exceptional vegan leather shoe is a source of pride rather than shame. Additionally, the tongue of the shoe pays homage to this memorable Simpsons scene, with Homer’s visage partially concealed beneath the laces. On the sides, you’ll now find his name replacing the Stan Smith logo.