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Clip Mouse: New innovative wearable computer mouse

    The Clip Mouse is an innovative wearable computer mouse that covers two fingers, eliminating the need for a traditional mousepad. Despite initial skepticism due to its revolutionary design, a startup based in Berlin has unveiled the Clip Mouse, both the name of the startup and the product itself.

    This novel device incorporates a gyroscope module and connects seamlessly via Bluetooth. The developers boast that it can interpret the gestures of your hand and fingers, offering a comprehensive array of traditional functions such as left-click, right-click, scrolling, navigating previous and next pages, and executing double-clicks. However, a potential drawback from a user experience perspective is the necessity to press a button with your thumb to temporarily deactivate the mouse when transitioning to typing. This particular aspect raises concerns about the usability of the Clip Mouse.

    Nonetheless, the realm of Kickstarter is one that caters to a wide spectrum of preferences and needs. Remarkably, as of the current press time, the device has garnered successful funding on Kickstarter, with pledges pouring in and still a few days remaining in the campaign. As seasoned Kickstarter supporters are aware, it’s important to acknowledge that receiving the product you’ve backed is far from guaranteed, with disappointments being a common occurrence in crowdfunding ventures. It’s prudent to keep this caveat in mind before committing to a pledge.

    Tony M.