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Copyright Cops

    [vimeo 23641818 w=500 h=281]

    Copyright Cops is an OPENSOURCE film about copyright, teenagers & internet by by Julio Secchin. It’s an exploration of the information speed driving kids into a whole new world of beauty and violence at the tip of their fingers. Some having a hard time distinguishing the difference between reality and fantasy and some who live in a world of both. In the end what is the price of the information being fed into their heads? Many kids are seen by corporate companies as mere criminals downloading copyrighted material, kids are oblivious to copyright material, they see the internet in a Matrix-like environment of escape and free from the law. There is no place safe from the long arm of the law, the extension of government.

    The free for all social experiment is slowly being corralled by big government and roping individual freedoms along the way. It will soon be more of an Orwellian society online and is already in some countries like China and many following suit, including countries like ours. There is a price for freedom. The future of many countries depend on the taming of the teenager generation as witnessed in the 60’s. The fear teenagers feel about society is not imagined, it is real, big brother has always been watching. So I ask you, who is watching who on the internet? Today the kids have a little more of an edge on the world, look at the power brokers who control the net, many in their 20’s and counting.

    This is a short film about teenagers who are growing up in an environment with tons of information per second, being treated as criminals as they download a couple of songs from the internet, while trying to chat with their friends. The main goal here is make a reflection on subjects like freedom of information, online relationships and how all of this blends inside the head of a teenager, no matter where he lives.

    Tony M.