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Craig Thompson Habibi

    Habibi is an Arabic word which means my beloved.
    That is the way I feel about Craig Thompson’s blog of Blankets fame.
    His blog explores in full detail his latest one man show called Habibi .
    It’s amazing to see how the process of an artist/writer who is
    surrounded by serenity around him and develop a foreign landscape of
    adventure and danger in his latest story. He lives and breathes his
    story and art, you can easily suspend your disbelief with his precise work
    and dedication.Craig is creating a story in the grandeur of Lawrence of
    Arabia. His penciling is maturing as each new tale he tells. This one
    book to look forward to. Check out how Craig works, very inspirational. Craig at work>> Thompson has been working on Habibi, a new graphic novel to be published by Pantheon Books, a division of Random House. The book is influenced by Arabic calligraphy and Islamic mythology: "I’m playing with Islam in the same way I was playing with Christianity in Blankets," as he said in a 2005 interview. In January 2009, Thompson wrote that he had completed 405 pages of Habibi, out of a planned total of 600.

    Tony M.