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Creative Manhole Covers

    Creative Manhole Covers

    Manholes are pretty standard in many countries. Many will sport the town’s name and serve two purposes, one to drain water and the other a gateway for city workers for underground infrastructure need of repair. In Japan things are a bit different. The manholes are pieces of art in Japan and photographer Remo Camerota has assembled some of them under one umbrella with an app for all to see.

    creative manholes

    “Being a Japanophile I am always on the pursuit for anything Japanese that has not been spotted in the west. Carrying at least four cameras at any one time you can be assured that I will be documenting much that Japan has to offer in the coming future and releasing books, Ipad Photo books and Painted Artworks.”

    Today, nearly 95% of the 1,780 municipalities in Japan sport their very own customized manhole covers, over 6000 designs exist which are totally unique to the Japanese.