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Creative Packaging

    gnome creative packaging

    I am a gimmicky kind of guy. I love eye candy. If a product catches my eye with originality, most likely you will pry a few bucks from my pocket. Here is an ingenious collection of 20 original creative packaging ideas. I love the gnome bread head paper packaging, it might have a short fall when the bread will go hard when exposed to air. See more>>

    breast bun package

    “Kohberg, the largest manufacturer of bread in Denmark, is the proud sponsor of The Danish Cancer Society in their big annual event to fight breast cancer.The event is called ‘Support the breasts’ and Kohberg donates part of the revenue generated from sales of rye bread buns (Rugbrødsboller). The brief from Kohberg was to come up with a packaging idea to increase awareness and sales.”

    Tony M.