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Crocs Collaborate With Balenciaga for Stiletto Clogs

    Crocs Balenciaga heels have caught the fascination of the world. Fans of the shoes are divided down the middle. All I can say it would be pretty hard to mow the lawn with Crocs Balenciaga heels. Piers would be off-limits.

    “We were inspired by Crocs and we worked with them on a Balenciaga reinterpretation,” Gvasalia told French Vogue in 2017, calling the clogs the “world’s comfiest shoes.” “Balenciaga x Crocs isn’t impossible, the question of taste is a very subjective value. We’ll see if this works in six months’ time in the stores.”

    “It’s light, it’s a one-piece foam mold and to me, these kinds of techniques and working with these kinds of materials is very Balenciaga.”

    Social media and CNN reports the Crocs Balenciaga heels could retail for about $1,000. Not to be outdone, they are also featuring a pair of knee-high Croc boots. Both will be available on their Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection. So kids, plenty of months to save up. The boots will give a whole new meaning to Puss in Boots.