Danica Novgorodoff’s Slow Storm

 Mother Nature’s bag of calamity can deliver some life altering moments for people under the constant eye of approaching doom. Gustav slowly tears through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, people
evacuate from nearby coastal cities as impending hurricane forces
threaten to destroy everything that it touches. The aftermath of a
phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes changes the perspective of
an individual for quite some time.  Danica Novgorodoff is a writer, painter,
photographer, and comics artist that easily interlopes into the natural world of
destruction that scars people for a lifetime. The graphic novel Slow
Storm is a well paced visual anticipation of life in a metaphor of
illustrated symbols. The mixed media in her panels are a storm
juxtaposition of colors that give you a sense of awe.

A firefighter in rural Kentucky, Ursa searches for her
place in life, struggling to meet her own expectations.  When a tornado
hits her town, the ensuing chaos brings her world into sharp focus,
somehow making everything clearer, and Ursa finds that she just can’t
stomach the way her life is going.  It is then that she meets Rafi, an
illegal immigrant whose life isn’t going the way he’d pictured it
either.  Their encounter is the catalyst for Ursa and Rafi, who take
different roads to the realization that wanting your life to change
isn’t enough to make it happen. 
 Slow Storm stands
apart as a graphic novel with its literary heart and charged,
atmospheric watercolor and ink artwork. The storm builds around the
characters and inside them, and moments of violence and tenderness
suddenly crack like lightning. With Slow Storm, Danica Novgorodoff
takes her place as a talent to be reckoned with in the literary world. 
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