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Devo: 50 Years of De-Evolution 1973–2023

    Devo‘s new highly anticipated compilation album is set to mark their remarkable 50-year career. This milestone collection promises to be a comprehensive retrospective of the band’s illustrious journey through the world of music, showcasing not only their chart-topping hits like “Whip It,” “Jocko Homo,” and “Beautiful World” and lesser-known gems and unreleased tracks that have been carefully curated to provide fans with a fresh perspective on Devo’s evolution.

    The compilation is a testament to Devo’s enduring impact on the music industry and their ability to transcend genres and decades. It explores the band’s remarkable ability to blend their distinctive sound with social and cultural commentary, making them not only a musical powerhouse but also a cultural phenomenon that has shaped the way we think about music and society.

    Listeners can expect to embark on a sonic journey through the years, from the early days when Devo was an avant-garde force challenging the norms of popular music, to their peak in the 1980s when they redefined the new wave genre with their infectious synth-driven anthems. The compilation will also delve into their later work, showcasing how they continued to innovate and experiment, always staying ahead of the curve.

    With rare live recordings, B-sides, and demo versions of some of their most famous tracks, this compilation provides an intimate look at the band’s creative process and its evolution over the years. It’s not just a celebration of their hits but an exploration of their artistic journey, revealing the depth and breadth of their musical catalog.

    This release is an exciting moment for Devo fans, both old and new, as it not only pays tribute to a remarkable 50 years of Devo but also highlights the enduring relevance of their music, offering a fresh perspective on their body of work. It’s a testament to Devo’s lasting impact on the music world, solidifying their place as pioneers of the alternative and new wave movements and serving as a reminder of their enduring legacy in the world of music.

    Track Listings

    Disc: 1

    1Mongoloid (Warner Version) [2023 Remaster]
    2Jocko Homo (Warner Version) [2023 Remaster]
    3(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [2023 Remaster]
    4Come Back Jonee (Single Edit) [2023 Remaster]
    5Secret Agent Man (2023 Remaster)
    6The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize (2023 Remaster)

    Disc: 2

    1Smart Patrol (2023 Remaster)
    2Girl U Want (2023 Remaster)
    3Whip It (2023 Remaster)
    4Freedom of Choice (2023 Remaster)
    5Gates of Steel (2023 Remaster)
    6Working in the Coal Mine (2023 Remaster)

    Disc: 3

    1Beautiful World (2023 Remaster)
    2Jerkin’ Back ‘n’ Forth (2023 Remaster)
    3Through Being Cool (2023 Remaster)
    4Love Without Anger (2023 Remaster)
    5Time Out for Fun (2023 Remaster)
    6PeekABoo! (2023 Remaster)
    7That’s Good (2023 Remaster)

    Disc: 4

    1Big Mess (2023 Remaster)
    2Here to Go (Go Mix Version) [2023 Remaster]
    3Are You Experienced? (2023 Remaster)
    4Disco Dancer (7-Inch Version) [2023 Remaster]
    5Post Post-Modern Man (Macro Post-Modern Mix) [2023 Remaster]
    6Fresh (2023 Remaster)