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Dexter’s Laboratory: The Complete Series

    Experience the zany adventures of Dexter’s Laboratory! From 1996-2003, this award-winning series on Cartoon Network inspired books, comics, music, toys, video games, and a movie.

    Behold, the zany and electrifying escapades of Dexter’s Laboratory! The unforgettable series that ran from 1996-2003 on Cartoon Network, won many awards and spawned children’s books, comic books, music albums, toys, video games, and a movie.

    Picture a boy, a bizarre fusion of half-Einstein, half-third grader: Dexter! This pint-sized prodigy commands a labyrinthine, clandestine research facility of unparalleled sophistication, hidden just beyond his bedroom door. It’s here, in this cathedral of science, that Dexter concocts the most astonishing inventions known to mankind, each more mind-boggling than the last.

    But even in the sanctum of his genius, chaos looms. Enter Dee Dee, his space-brained sister, a force of entropy with an uncanny knack for wreaking havoc upon his meticulous experiments. Her boundless curiosity and irrepressible energy are a perpetual thorn in Dexter’s side, turning his brilliant blueprints into tumultuous tornadoes of disorder.

    But his genius can’t stop his space-brained sister Dee Dee from messing up and his work and pushing his buttons. Or his annoying rival Mandark from constantly trying to one-up him.  Can Dexter use his intelligence to solve his problems?  Time to fight fire with…SCIENCE!

    Dexter’s Laboratory vividly portrays the challenges and tribulations of childhood, encapsulated in Dexter’s sense of loneliness and detachment from his family, school, and the wider world. Central to Dexter’s life is his relationship with his sister, Dee Dee, who, despite being his closest companion, often exasperates him with her constant interference. However, as the series unfolds, it becomes clear that Dee Dee, despite her antics, is not merely a source of irritation but is Dexter’s only true friend. Her relentless curiosity about Dexter’s scientific endeavors is driven not by a genuine interest in science, but by a deep-seated affection and concern for her brother. Through this dynamic, the show highlights the complexities of sibling relationships and the underlying bonds that connect them, even amidst apparent discord.

    As if this weren’t enough, Dexter faces relentless competition from his nefarious nemesis, Mandark. This obnoxious arch-rival, with his sinister laboratory, is ceaselessly scheming to outshine Dexter and claim the crown of ultimate boy genius.

    Can our intrepid inventor outwit Dee Dee’s destructive antics and Mandark’s diabolical plots? Will Dexter’s unmatched intellect prevail in this high-stakes game of cerebral combat? It’s time for Dexter to combat pandemonium with the most potent weapon in his arsenal: SCIENCE! Prepare for a wild ride where ingenuity meets insanity in the thrilling world of Dexter’s Laboratory!

    The Emmy Award-winning American animated TV series that was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and produced by Cartoon Network Studios is back from the lab! For the first time on DVD, all 78 episodes from the classic cartoon series plus the special Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip, are brought together in one set. Dexter’s Laboratory: The Complete Series will be available for purchase online and in-store at major retailers beginning June 25, 2024. Get ready to go on a wild adventure with boy genius Dexter, as he saves the world with his secret laboratory filled with his collection of inventions! Pre-order your copy now. Dexter’s Laboratory is also available now to purchase Digitally from Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, Google Play, Vudu, and more.

    Dexter’s Laboratory: The Complete Series transcends the realm of children’s cartoons, capturing the hearts of many parents who watched them alongside their kids. The show resonated with adults on multiple levels, offering humor and themes that appealed to a more mature audience. This collection is far from mere children’s entertainment. All six seasons are compiled together, providing a nostalgic journey for both young viewers and those who are young at heart. This comprehensive set promises delightful memories and a chance to relive the charm that made Dexter’s Laboratory a beloved series across generations.

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